How to Create a New License

WP Captcha Documentation

When you log in to the WP Captcha Dashboard, you can easily create and manage licenses. Simply click the “Add New License” button, and you’ll be guided through the process of creating a new license to activate the plugin on various sites.


How to Create a License Key:


  1. Choose “Key” as License Type: Select this option if you’re creating a key-type license.
  2. Set Maximum Active Sites: Determine how many sites can use this key simultaneously.
  3. Define Validity Period: Choose how long this license will be operational.
  4. Provide Additional Information: Optionally, add notes or descriptions about this license.
  5. Configure Extra Features: Add or remove White Label to control visibility and branding.
  6. Customize Branding: Select a rebranding package if you want to change the plugin’s appearance (optional).
  7. Click “Create and Activate License”: Finalize the creation of your license.


Detailed License Options:


  • Maximum Active Sites: Specify the limit on active sites using this key. For unlimited sites, create batches of 100 per license.
  • Validity: Set the license to last “Forever” or until a specific date.
  • Additional Info: Add personal notes and details about the license.
  • Extra Features: Enable White Label to hide the key and original branding.
  • Custom Branding: Apply a unique appearance to the plugin, if desired.


Creating a license with WP Captcha is a straightforward process. Customize your license to suit your needs, and you can activate WP Captcha with ease. These options provide flexibility and control, allowing you to manage your plugin across multiple sites effectively.


For further assistance, consult the WP Captcha documentation.