How to Use the Dashboard

WP Captcha Documentation

After you log in to your WP Captcha Dashboard, you’ll discover an interface with 10 sub-menus on the left, providing you with a variety of tools and options.




  1. Dashboard: Provides an overview of purchases, license keys, and sites, along with a concise guide for installing the plugin.
  2. Download Plugin: Click this option to automatically download the plugin as a ZIP file.
  3. Purchases: Displays your purchase history, including Actions, Product, Stats, Validity, Active/Max site stats, Licenses, and Extra Features.
  4. Licenses: Showcases available licenses for the plugin, allowing you to create and configure them as needed. Learn more about how to manage your license.
  5. Brands: This section lets you create unique brands for your plugins, including customization of name, logo, colors, etc. Learn more about how to edit WP Captcha design.
  6. Sites: View all sites utilizing the plugin. A site will be listed here if the plugin is activated on the site with your license.
  7. Cloud Protection: Set whitelisted or blacklisted IPs. More information on how to set up firewall and cloud protection.
  8. Profile: View and update your profile, including your Account ID, email address, and name. Use this section to change your password for the WP Captcha Dashboard.
  9. Documentation: Access the comprehensive documentation for the plugin, including guides on how to install & activate the plugin, how to monitor activity, how to use login protection, and more.
  10. Support: Reach out to the support team through the Support tab, where a chat will open for prompt assistance.


For any additional queries, you can also visit the forums or check the FAQ section.